Getting Help

Guidelines to Stay Safe with Gambling

Most people gamble for fun and entertainment without experiencing problems. Below are some guidelines to stay safe with gambling.

  • Play for fun… not to make money
  • Set limits on money and time and stick to them
  • Know the game and how it works
  • Only use money you can afford to spend
  • Keep balance in your life

Signs of Problem Gambling

Sometimes gambling gets out of hand and people do experience problems. Some signs that gambling is getting out of hand and becoming a problem are:

  • Spending more time or money on gambling than planned
  • Gambling with money meant for essentials like food, rent, etc.
  • Chasing your losses to try and get your money back
  • Borrowing money to gamble
  • Lying about or covering up your gambling
  • Neglecting important responsibilities like work, school or family to gamble
  • Planning leisure time around gambling opportunities
  • Increasing arguments with friends and family, especially about money
  • Increasing debts due to gambling
  • Problem Gambling

Problem Gambling

The AFM defines problem gambling as any gambling that negatively affects a person’s life. If you are concerned about your gambling or about someone close to you, call the Problem Gambling Helpline, it’s free and confidential, 24/7.